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  • Michael Philp

What are you keeping or letting go of after the pandemic?

The freeway is starting to get busy again. There is hand sanitiser and toilet paper in the shops. We can visit people and have small gatherings. Life in Perth is returning somewhat to normal. Over the past 2 months, with more restrictions and less options, I noticed a change in my suburb. More people walking. Families on bike rides (in fact there is now a shortage on bikes in the shops). Rainbows in the windows and on front driveways. Neighbours meeting at the bottom of the driveway on a Sunday afternoon for a catch up. Friends posting their latest cooking adventures, successful or otherwise. Push-up challenges, music challenges, fancy dress while taking the bin out, zoom parties, offering help, smiling at the shops. After the initial panic, there has been opportunities for our best to come on show. The challenge now is - what have you started that you will keep doing, and what have you been forced to let go of that perhaps no longer needs to come back?

If you're anything like me, this pandemic and restriction on movement has allowed me to re-engage with some old hobbies - I've rediscovered a love of cooking - and start some new ones - 10 minutes of yoga in the morning. I've also been forced to stop being on the run so much, and I've spent far more quality time with my family. As we start to re-emerge, and for some of us return to work, now is the time for self-reflection.

Did you miss any of those activities that you weren't able to do?

What was something new that you discovered - about yourself or your interests.

How are you going to make room for these new activities?

Or conversely, do you really want to restart some of those other tasks; the ones that take you away from your interests, or your family?

Have they been necessary or have you found that nothing really changed by not doing them?

So in preparation for my first day back in the office in over a month, I decided that I've been enjoying yoga in the morning (via youtube, what a wonderful asset) and got up a little earlier to do that. I want to keep up walks and bike rides around the neighbourhood with my family. I don't need to be as busy as I was previously.

What have you chosen to keep doing or let go of?

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