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Anxiety can affect anyone at anytime


Working in the field of psychology for 15 years what we've noticed at Grove Psychology is that anxiety can affect people where it matters most.

Anxiety can affect anyone at anytime. You may have noticed that:

You find it hard to fall asleep because you are overthinking things

You avoid going out or seeing your friends because you feel anxious

Your thoughts feel like they are racing and it's hard to concentrate

You experience panic attack symptoms such as a racing heart, shallow breathing or feeling on edge

The thought of doing something new makes your stomach churn


Our psychologists at Grove Psychology are highly experienced and work with you to help you overcome your symptoms and re-engage in the activities that you enjoy and overcome your anxiety. Click on the book now button to arrange an appointment with one of psychologists and get back to enjoying life. 

Find the right psychologist for you

Michael Philp

Clinical Psychologist

Michael is the principal Clinical Psychologist at Grove Psychology, with 15 years of experience. Michael is available Monday to Friday

Corina Johns

Registered Psychologist

Corina has over 10 years experience as a psychologist, with a special interest in gender and sexual health issues. Corina is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Donna Lawrence

Clinical Psychologist

Donna is a Clinical Psychologist with 15 years of experience. She provides after hours appointments on Tuesday and Saturday