Dr Bristi Barkataki
Registered Psychologist

I've been working as a psychologist in India and Australia for 13 years now, working with a diverse population, which has given me a broad perspective of the difficulties people face, and how to help my clients improve their lives and overcome the barriers that are preventing them from achieving their goals. I also have a strong passion for learning and research, and I completed my PhD in 2019 at Curtin University. My research focused on OCD using a cross-cultural perspective to examine the types of thoughts that maintain these symptoms. Because of my passion for research and how to apply this to the real world, I'm enjoying finding the balance between teaching at university and therapy with my clients. 


Over the past 13 years, I have worked in many areas of mental health, but I've developed a passion for helping people who are experiencing anxiety, depression or trauma, and helping those people move towards the life they want to live, by helping them to develop helpful coping strategies and addressing the underlying issues - the ones that often hold people back. I do this by choosing the most appropriate evidence-based therapeutic approach, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, or EMDR.


I see children as well as adults, and because of my experience living in two countries, I am comfortable working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. I am available for appointments on Wednesdays. 


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